EP163: Your Wishes, Granted! #2 (Audience Q&A)

On this episode of the podcast, I’m answering some of the best questions I’ve received from members of my email audience!

Topics covered:

x) how productivity tools can actually get in the way of your productivity;
x) how to set goals effectively (process goals vs outcome goals);
x) what is it actually like to work door-to-door sales;
x) focusing on effectiveness over productivity: what activities give you the biggest ROI?

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(01:50) Kirk: How to keep track of a ton of tasks and to-dos? Outcome goals vs process goals
(14:40) Mike: What’s it like working door-to-door sales? Be ready to disarm people!
(17:50) Emma: What are some key operational aspects of running a successful business?
Daniel breaks down the the 80/20 (Pareto) principle and deep work

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