EP173: Is the Age of the Influencer OVER? & the Importance of Relationships as Your Most Valuable Currency in Life [Gerard Adams #2]

Gerard Adms is back for his second appearance on the New Wave Podcast! Daniel and Gerards discuss relationships, the most valuable asset we have in life and in business.

Gerard Adams NWP Session #1 can be listened to here.
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(2:59) Are we living in the post-influencer age? Does Gerard see himself as an influencer?
(09:42) Gerard has managed to manifest a lot of the visions he created for himself intentionally
(15:20) You really have to pay attention to WHY you do certain things in life
(23:11) In order to fully express yourself, you must first fully accept yourself.
(26:35) A moment in Daniel’s life where he had to reinvent himself and face his demons
(36:34) Manifestation is real. What you think is what you create externally. Both material wealth and relational wealth.
(42:23) You need bandwidth for relationships. Healthy relationships require investing time.
(45:39) Advice for people who seek to build their network from ZERO.
(55:00) Practical ways for meeting the people you wanna meet. Achieve omnipresence in people’s lives.
(59:53) Your are more likely to respond to people you’ve met IRL as opposed to people you’ve met online only
(01:05:37) New Wave Dinner Experience update (Gerard is coming!)
(01:07:41) You need to achieve balance between your ambition and your relationships
(01:18:27) A lot of the leaders of today aren’t exactly aspirational

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