EP175: Biohacking Your Way to 180 Years Old w /Dave Asprey

Why would anybody want to live to the age of 180? Daniel’s guest, Dave Asprey does and he explains why in this persuasive conversation. Dave is the Founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Bulletproof Labs, and Author of Head Strong, a book that helps humans maximize their potential. Dave is a well-known biohacker, business disruption artist, and cool cucumber when faced with trolls.

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Biohacking is the art & science of changing the environment around you and inside of you to fully control your biology. @bpnutrition

There are so many stupid industries that need disrupting. @bpnutrition

Your body is a collection of ancient bacteria floating around in a petri dish that you think is you. @bpnutrition

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(03:11) Bulletproof Labs sets out to hack human biology.
(09:21) Dave’s had his share of financial ups and downs throughout his career.
(11:14) Why would anyone want to live to 180?
(15:13) The pitfalls of copying and techniques of disruption.
(27:25) Being wrong and the fear of death. Dave reset his mind with 40 years of Zen.(36:31) Feed, Fear, F*ck, Friend.

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