EP181: 10 Business Lessons From One of the Biggest Wine Brands in the World

Daniel shares 10 lessons he learned from personally meeting the founders of Barefoot Wine. Practical and actionable advice from the founders of one of the most successful wine brands ever created.

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(01:16) Barefoot Wine is one of the most successful wine startups ever
(02:29) Pursue your goals with PASSION. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing
(03:41) Pay attention to the little, annoying details
(06:33) “Worthy cause marketing” How to market when you have no money
(08:14) You only need a few really good product advocates. Focus on small and loyal communities
(11:48) Be generous, focus on win-win
(12:35) Spend 80% of your time on SALES
(13:44) People have to trust you before they work with you or buy from you
(14:43) You have to know EVERYTHING there is to know about your business
(18:10) Taking breaks is essential. You need to recharge. Don’t be a workaholic.

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