EP182: Your Personal Development Plan Should Include a Sexual Development Plan with Layla Martin

This episode, with Layla Martin, addresses the sad state of affairs that is people’s sex lives in the U.S. A majority of people only have access to porn or the repugnant sex education classes offered by a sexually-repressed, puritanical government-run education system. Layla studied tantric sex in Asia and believes relationships, creative endeavors, and everyday life can be improved by engaging in erotic, satisfying and empowering sex. She has dedicated her life to liberating those who want to integrate a better sex life into their overall well-being.

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(03:42) Stanford’s Sexuality classes offered no hands-on learning so Layla went to Asia.
(07:49) Replacing guilt and shame with ecstasy and joy.
(11:12) Where to begin with re-educating yourself about sex and tantric sex?
(13:28) Business leaders can benefit from having more meaningful sex.
(16:24) Men get conflicting messages about sexuality.
(20:59) Everybody has a dark side to their sexuality.
(29:20) No couple escapes their sex life becoming a bit stale. What are some ways around this? 
(34:15) Tools Layla uses to help people integrate with their sexual selves.

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