EP185: Daniel’s Past Life Hypnotherapy Session (Live Recording) Hear What a Hypnotherapy Session Sounds Like in Practice

The New Wave Podcast: Daily Conversations On Web3.0, Business, Psychology, Psychedelics & More. A Show For People Seeking Spiritual, Psychological And Financial Sovereignty. Hosted By Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur Daniel DiPiazza.

In this highly unique episode, Daniel shares a very personal recording from his recent hypnotherapy session. With the help of an experienced guide and hypnotherapy practitioner, Daniel is sent down a road straight into his subconscious, where he will encounter aspects of his past life. The first half of the session is spent on taking Daniel into a trance. The second half will take Daniel through an experience both painful and pleasant. We encounter both tears and laughter before bringing Daniel back to reality and integrating the journey.

PS! The recording is raw, practically unedited and from the location, so the sound quality is what you would expect from a phone recorder. Just give yourself a few minutes to ease into it. 

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(00:31) Some context to hypnotherapy and what you are about to hear in the session
(10:22) Hypnosis begins. The guide leads Daniel into a trance.
(27:55) Daniel arrives at the moment of his birth. Long forgotten painful things surface.
(1:00:28) Daniel is brought back into wakefulness. Initial impressions, analysis and integrations of the experience.

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