EP195: Running an online school that helps anyone become a high-paid, international software developer with Ariel Camus

Ariel is the Founder and CEO of Microverse, an online school that helps anyone become a high-paid, international software developer. The best part? The program costs $0 until you get employed.

They are the first ones to scale peer-to-peer model (no other school/university has been able to do it).

Microverse has also raised over $17M+ and was part of the Y Combinator 2019 Batch.

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(01:13) Favorite pasta discussion
(03:35) Introduction to Microverse
(09:45) The anti-capitalist approach to capitalism
(11:08) Ariel’s experience selling Microverse 
(18:14) “The Surrender Experiment” Ariel doesn’t believe in free will
(21:01) Mushroom mindset
(25:08) No amount of money will absolve you of negative internal emotions
(29:20) Emotional intelligence among men
(33:56) What type of courses does Microverse teach
(40:00) Making international education available to everybody around the world 
(43:53) Closing thoughts & further resources

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