EP201: Hypnotherapy, Subconscious Archetypes and Becoming Who You Really Are with Ruben Chavez of Think Grow Prosper

Ruben Chavez is a writer and personal development strategist. Following the theme of yesterday’s deep dive into Jung, Daniel and Ruben discuss working with your subconscious and working with what you are afraid of to find your true identity and live life authentically.

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(02:55) Universal, unconscious archetypes lead our lives
(13.27) At the bottom of most failure is FEAR
(17:35) What’s inside Daniel’s shadow subconscious?
(19:47) Daniel recounts his hypnotherapy session which you can listen to in full here
(22:10) Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof
(31:07) What you resist, persists
(37:13) The post-religious condition of the West
(41:00) Your biggest fears hide your biggest opportunities in life
(46:58) Closing thoughts and further resources

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