EP207: Writer Paulo Coehlo & How To Avoid Killing Your Own Dreams (Monday Motivation)

This Monday Daniel shares some insights from on of his faovirte authors Paulo Coelho. Daniel has a special connection with this author as he once wrote a letter to him and got a letter back! Tune in to hear the story. Coelho’s book that is covered in this episode is The Pilgrimage. 

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(03:39) Daniel has a special connection to Paulo Coelho
(06:37) Symptoms to look for when people kill their dreams (without realizing it) 
(09:32) People refuse to pursue their dreams due to a seeming lack of time
(12:53) Your scarcity mindset can also be holding you back. Ask more from life. 
(18:55) You can’t win unless you take on risk. This is universal in life.
(23:09) Don’t confused what is fun with that is meaningful to you  
(24:27) A symptom of giving up is unwarranted peace with your life 

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