EP208: Men’s Issues, Men vs Women in Parenting & How Lacking A Father Figure Can Affect You

In today’s episode, Daniel covers some issues that are important to men in particular: lack of parenting and lack of rights of passage in today’s society.

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(02:20) Being a business leader vs a leader of a community 
(04:28) Building relationships is a key focus for Daniel
(09:56) We focus so much on the future that we forget the past
(11:50) Iron John. Women can give birth to a boy, but the father must raise a man
(15:17) Both parents are needed to raise well functioning people
(24:19) Many men would be well served to look into their emotional life (or lack of)
(30:05) Aggression is masculinity that hasn’t been channelled properly
(35:25) Some men will remain boys for a long time into their adulthood

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