EP210: Daniel on The Think Grow Podcast with Ruben Chavez: Let Go Of What’s Holding You Back

Today’s NWP episode is a throwback to 2019 when Daniel appeared on the Think Grow Podcast
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(02:23) In praise of reading physical books
(06:33) Daniel’s speaking tour and changing as a person over the years
(11:44) Your life is full of invisible structures that are holding you back
(16:29) How to visualise and manifest effectively
(21:46) Emotional pendulums and programs
(26:23) “I am the Stand I Take” Matching your inside thoughts and outside actions
(27:07) How to identify invisible structures holding you back and things that are useful
(40:06) The more you participate in pendulums the more energy they drain
(41:59) How to become emotionally stable and stay true to yourself
(46:11) Examples of “programming”
(54:06) Closing thoughts: pay attention to the external forces that guide your life

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