EP217: How To Grow A Massive YouTube Channel with Nav BK (Throwback Thursday)

Catch this latest episode in our throwback series of the Rich20Something Podcast with Nav BK of Absolute Motivation and learn how to:

– build your own YouTube channel 

– grow your following organically 

– optimize performance

Check out the Youtube channel Absolute Motivation here.

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(02:51) Introductions. Nav BK and his channel Absolute Motivation: going from zero to millions of views
(07:58) Why should people pay attention to YouTube as a platform? Nav explains how YouTube monetization works
(12:55) Daniel’s YT strategy: quality vs quantity on YouTube
(17:27) The income on Youtube can be good, but it’s never stable
(19:37) At a certain point of momentum you should begin outsourcing your workload. Hustler mindset vs CEO mindset
(22:04) Should you agonise over the headline and thumbnail of the video? (YES!) Daniel’s technique for identifying engaging content using IG
(26:33) If you show your face on YouTube it will all come down to the relationship with your audience.
(31:41) How to remain personal with your audience when you channel blows up
(40:05) David Foster Wallace and Antidepressants tangent
(44:14) The problem of junk content and graphic content online. The lure of clickbait
(53:55) What’s something for Nav to do in the future that would be a challenge? Long-form content is underrated
(01:01:45) The bigger you become the more risk there is

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