EP222: Neurobiology, Overcoming Addiction & Childhood Trauma and The Dark Night of the Soul w/ Matthew Paetz

Today’s guest is Matthew Paetz. Matthew shares his candid story about overcoming childhood trauma, drug addiction and suicide attempts. Now, years later, Matthew has emerged from his dark night of the soul on the other end and shares some vital lessons about psychology and overcoming yourself. 

You can email him directly at matthew@matthewpaetz.com 

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(00:30) Guest bio for Matthew: great friendship can have simple beginnings
(03:55) Journaling and settings goals, striving for achievement
(10:10) Achieving vs becoming and becoming “worthy” of love
(12:30) Sometimes getting what you want will not scratch the itch
(15:10) We are obsessed with public status because it is a key to biological survival
(22:44) People don’t get into psychology because they have their shit together
(30:14) Making a personal change is a practice, it’s not a destination. Seeking perfection can be counter-productive. 
(33:20) Patience means being outcome dependent while doing the work needed
(36:50) Difficult emotions have a lot of value and should be worked with not repressed
(44:20) Matthew’s book shelf: Ego, Authority, Failure; Never Split the Difference
(47:12) The education system is not conductive to mental health and actual learning
(50:10) What’s the earliest age to do a psychedelic journey? Nobody knows
(56:59) MDMA is something everybody should try at least once
(01:04:22) Shame and guilt often appear together, but they are not the same
(01:09:24) Matthew has removed himself from social media but is active on IG. You can email him directly at matthew@matthewpaetz.com 

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