EP223: Coach, Podcaster and Personal Development Specialist Alex Manzi on Depression, How to Think About The Past & How to Reframe Negative Emotions

Today Daniel has a great discussion with coach and personal development expert Alex Manzi. We explore the topics of depression and mental health. Alex provides some key techniques for reframing your thinking about so-called “negative” emotions.

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(04:28) Trying to define the mind
(09:45) Are intellect and experience at odds with each-other
(12:01) If the past doesn’t exist, what are you trying to run from?
(17:30) What are we really trying to do when trying to “heal” our past?
(18:57) The downsides of “positive psychology”
(24:02) Daniel tries to describe what depression feels like
(32:40) Your body has an immune system and do does your mind
(38:45) The state and practice of meditation are not the same thing
(45:46) Daniel reads a piece from his new book The True Artifact
(53:04) The limits of scientific knowledge and the theory of evolution

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