EP224: Daniel DiPiazza Full Poolside Keynote in Bali | October 2018 at The ASCENT Mastermind (Throwback Thursday)

This is the full recording of a poolside keynote I did with my ASCENT Mastermind crew of private clients in Bali. Haven’t shared this publicly before. It’s just been sitting on my hard drive.


It’s straight 🔥


In this discussion, I go deep into the nature of life + society, explain how invisible structures keep us trapped and how to overcome these false barriers.

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(02:50) What do we mean when we think about Power? Power vs Strength
(18:07) Mental and emotional strength
(22:14) To develop the power of your mind, identify your energy drains
(23:39) The “invisibles structures” that guide your life
(31:06) The Last Word on Power
(37:06) Pendulums
(45:18) Programs 

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