EP231: Diversify your online presence to ensure a long life for your brand. Which Social Media Platform Tells Your Story the Best with Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia Johnson is a pro marketer, speaker, author, and keynote speaker. Her focused personal branding and digital media is sought after by executives who want to step up their game and their value. She joins Daniel to discuss the secrets of having a verified Twitter account, how platforms may change but data will live on forever, and the books that should be on your reading list for 2017.

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(03:03) Surrounding yourself with people who support you is more important than being liked.

(04:30) Twitter is the best kept secret for networking.

(07:22) Filtering out the crap on social media.

(12:06) Social media, TV, news source — all one.

(21:27) Brands are statements.

(24:25) Intention is everything on social media.

(29:21) People attach themselves to people first, and their brand second.

(33:34) Modesty could be hurting us.

(37:50) You can’t live in Venice unless you are awesome.

(43:45) The Twitter platform may fade, but data never dies.

(55:27) Chrome plugin to help you monitor your introductions, Entro.

(57:35) Learn to ask better questions.

(1:07:40) The Lighting Round.

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