EP235: Exploring Our Family Lineage With The Help of Psilocybin Mushrooms (Monday Motivation)

Today’s episode is all about how Daniel’s recent bouts of depression led him to explore his family lineage in detail. Daniel shares the story of a recent mushroom trip that he had with his dad present.

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(02:51) Daniel has been struggling with depression recently
(05:46) You’re still young in your 30s and will keep learning about yourself
(07:58) Using psychedelics to explore family lineage
(09:16) Psilocybin mushrooms in the forest with my dad
(16:23) Some commentary on the mushroom trip: your future will make a lot more sense if you understand your past
(22:30) The different influence a mother and father have on a young man
(24:19) Lessons from the trip: when you learn things about yourself, the lessons are meant for you alone.

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