EP236: Once Upon A Time Daniel Wrote A Letter To TV And Video Game Producer Jace Hall (And Jace Wrote Back!)  

Daniel shares a letter he wrote to TV and video game producer Jace Hall and the inspiring response he got back. Daniel asked Jace to share some of the keys to his success in life: the importance of having heart (character), not taking yourself too seriously and being constantly evolving.

“And he piled upon the whales white hump, the sum of all the rage and hate felt by his whole race. If his chest had been a cannon, he would have shot his heart upon it.” (Moby Dick)

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(02:38) Daniel started out with an interest in film-making which taught him a lot about creating successful projects
(05:20) Daniel once met TV and video-game producer Jace Hall and was inspired to write him a latter
(07:15) Daniel shares the letter he wrote and Jace’s inspiring response
(10:55) Jace recommends: if you haven’t seen Gattaca, watch it! The heart that you have determines all
(13:30) Don’t take yourself too seriously and be Antifragile
(16:59) You never know if what you’re doing is having a massive positive impact in others
(18:47) Some of the key principles and philosophy that Jace follows
(25:45) Always tell the truth even if it means you lose everything
(34:20) I think what I want, but I do what is necessary

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