EP238: Why an Entrepreneur’s Health is Equal to Their Success with Daniel Thomas Burning the midnight oil may be counterproductive to your business goals.

Daniel Thomas emerges from behind the scenes to introduce us to his Evolution Eat philosophy. Entrepreneurs should listen in to understand how they can increase their energy levels and ensure they are giving their 100% best efforts towards their business. Daniel also reminds us the everyday foods we have immediate access to are foods that were put there by corporate interests. A corporation is selling a product and it is in their best interest to have the masses addicted to sugar.

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(03:23) How and why Daniel Thomas started working for Rich20.
(06:59) Investing in Rich20 principles to create Evolution Eat.
(12:00) The healthy eating culture of Santa Monica, California.
(15:05) Being healthy and having a growth mindset doesn’t have to be at odds with career success.
(19:54) A fixed mindset is pushed on Americans kids at a very young age.
(25:06) Millennials have a reputation for being soft.
(26:16) Necessary suffering to avoid unnecessary suffering.
(35:18) Paleo is a framework based upon the diet of our ancestors.
(38:26) Entrepreneurs can increase their energy levels through a healthy diet and proper sleep.
(41:00) Overcoming sugar addiction as part of a long-term healthy lifestyle.
(44:39) Big corporate interests helped shape most American’s eating habits.
(50:05) Overeating healthy food as an energetic crutch doesn’t cure the blues.

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