EP245: You Gotta Love the Process Because Being an Entrepreneur Isn’t Just Beach Days and Cake Walks with Steve Eakin (Throwback)

Steve Eakin joins Daniel to talk all things entrepreneurial. Steve has successfully transitioned from corporate drone to sought after CTO. As much as people want to believe it, Steve didn’t just rise to the top. He has put in the hours and taken the risks. Both Daniel and Steve point out the path of an entrepreneur is so unpredictable that you have to love the process in order to stay in the game. Steve says, “It is game-changing when you close a million dollar deal on your own.” If you are interested in freedom, hard work, side hustles, networking and risk, this conversation will expand your mind.

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(02:15) How Steve transitioned from being an employee to a successful entrepreneur.
(09:16) Employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs all have different comfort levels.(12:12) Steve’s story isn’t a breakthrough success.
(17:56) You have to love the path, because being an entrepreneur is so unpredictable.
(21:23) Instant technology and social media make office workers long to be entrepreneurs, yet they never act on it.
(25:09) The process of going from side-hustle to full-time entrepreneur
(27:03) How do children influence a person’s risk tolerance?
(28:21) Do entrepreneurs have more free time
(32:00) What happens when Steve has a bad day?
(36:32) Making the rounds to gain support can be exhausting.
(43:46) Go where the action is.
(53:45) If you want to be a CEO, learn to delegate.

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