EP246: Privacy Antitrust Bill, Hiring-Firing Laws Relating to Marijuana Use, Adnan Syed Acquitted After 2 Decades & More (Friday Headlines)

Join us today for a recap of the hottest headlines of the past week: Adnan Syed has been freed from prison after 20+ years, novel cancer research promises new cures, California employers no longer allowed to discriminate marijuana use & more.






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(03:18) Pro-privacy tech companies push for antitrust bill
(16:12) California workers won’t have to worry about being fired for weed use
(23:00) Adnad Syed acquitted after two decades in prison
(37:44) French spiderman Alain Robert scaled a skyscraper to mark 60th birthday
(49:10) New anti-cancer red light therapy research is promising

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