EP252: When Things Get Tough, Endurance Always Wins & How hard work always pays off with Nikitas Tsoukalis

Daniel’s guest, Nikitas Tsoukalis is the self-proclaimed luckiest guy in the world. The Founder of Key Credit Repair shares his thoughts and opinions on those who would rather find balance than to take advantage of opportunities, the importance of changing someone else’s life, and how endurance is the sure-fire way to success. Nik has been flat broke and insanely rich. He believes hard work is essential for every entrepreneur who wants to attain their goals.

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(06:07) Nick’s views on the future of educational institutions.
(11:41) Hard work really does pay off.
(13:51) How does Nik balance the need to feel secure with his ability to take risks?
(19:04) Support during down times can help an entrepreneur find their true calling.
(26:42) Take advantage of the opportunity to make money in the U.S. right now.
(34:55) Change someone else’s world.
(36:25) You don’t have to work for someone else.
(37:37) The dark side of entrepreneurship.
(43:49) No one is creative when they are comfortable.
(51:15) Be humble, because the game can change at any time.
(53:36) The #1 characteristic entrepreneurs should master.

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