EP259: The Tao of Business: Advanced Training For Entrepreneurs (Throwback Thursday)

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Join us for this Throwback Thursday and a seminar I ran in 2019. I delivered a 90-minute master class on team growth and business development called “The Tao of Business.”

If you’ve ever wondered why:

  1. Your team isn’t getting things done on time or they make a lot of mistakes
  2. You seem to consistently hire the wrong types of people
  3. Your revenue isn’t growing as quickly as you’d hoped 
  4. You can’t agree internally on important decisions or projects 
  5. You are unclear about the mission, vision or principles of your company

….this is going to be a massive dose of clarity and actionable info for you.

This is a nice meaty one, so take notes and LMK questions in the comments!

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(02:03) Seminar begins (The Tao of Business) 

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