EP265: Psychedelic Integration and Healing The Cosmic Womb w/ Safa Boga

Daniel sits down with healer and mystic Safa Boga to discuss life, death, human evolution, collective healing, ancient shamanism and more. 

Safa is a somatic therapist, energy healer, womb alchemist and mystic who also supports clients with psychedelic integration and preparation.

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(07:50) Safa specializes in helping women understand their womb
(12:31) The work of Stanislav Grof: how experiences from the womb can affect your life and your destiny
(16:24) Healing work often works better in groups and while making use of psychedelics
(21:35) Everything in your life is created by YOU
(32:23) Without preparation accessing repressed primal emotions can be dangerous and confusing
(45:05) You can sometimes go overboard with introspection and get exhausted by it
(48:15) Are the increase of miscarriages a sign of our life-styles being wrong?
(53:54) The root causes of miscarriages can be surpiring: unresolved trauma, repressed emotions, trying to fill a void.
(57:55) Is the definition of a woman having a womb?
(01:04:03) Polarity is the key to understanding the sexes

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