EP266: Intimacy vs Volume in Business, When to Go Broad and When to Niche Down & More @ Live Meet up in Los Angeles (January 2020)

One thing I hope is clear from all my content recently is that I’m taking a strong stance in favour of INTIMACY over VOLUME.

In the age of social media, we’ve been brainwashed to believe that more numbers, views, follows, fans and likes equate to more “success.” This is wrong, both from a philosophical and practical perspective.

Everybody is shouting at the top of their lungs trying to be heard. “Influencers,” entrepreneurs and personal brands are making more content than ever, hoping to be seen. And the platforms that host this material (Facebook, IG, YouTube, etc) are happy to let us create all day because they monetize our time in exchange for hundreds of billions in ad revenue collectively.

I’m not saying that you have to get off social media. I’m saying you need to recognize the game for what it is. And if you are a content creator or business owner, start taking control of your customer data. The fact that large platforms own all the data for the people you want to connect with is the reason why you’ll always get the smallest piece of the pie.

How are you going to own the data? Use the public social media platforms to build private customer and communicate with them on platforms that cannot be watered down by algorithms and newsfeeds.

Text message and phone

Email (to an extent)

Direct mail

In person

This is my approach for 2020 and beyond. And to practice what I preach, I’m going to cities around the US to drop #Zadvice live.

At this meet up in LA, we spent 3 hrs (should have been longer!) going deep on business and life. We built real friendships and made more progress in a few hours than could be made in months of binging videos online. The relationships are what count!

IRL is where it’s at.

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(01:54) Introduction to Daniel’s speech
(03:37) If you improve the leader, the business improves naturally
(10:50) Focus on timeless business needs. Trends vs fads
(14:49) Personal questions to consider when starting a business. What type of life do you want?
(17:13) Audience Q&A. How to decide when to focus on a niche or make a broad offering
(20:43) How to go about team building for your business
(25:22) The importance of getting clear on your customer journey

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