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“Daniel presents things in a concise, potent and relatable way. Highly actionable steps, with very relevant topics that feel empowering for what is coming in finances, business and entrepreneurship as a whole!”

– J. Früse

The New Wave Dinner Experience


The New Wave Dinner Experience is a one-of-a-kind evening event for ambitious entrepreneurs, career climbers and creatives who want to build meaningful friendships, in real life.

Unlock Your Hidden Genius in Just 30 Minutes

POWER PACKS VOL. 1 is a limited collection of 3 “Packs” containing a downloadable 30-minute audio series + bonus material guaranteed to level up your business and money game in just 30 minutes.

In each Pack, you’ll learn:

  • How to find your hidden strengths in business
  • Eliminating distractions and getting focused
  • A strategic process for finding weaknesses in your business / career
  • The 20 most important questions you need to ask yourself about money, business and success
  • Much more

Each Pack comes with different perks and privileges.

Pack #1 is free while supplies last. Packs #2 and #3 are exceptionally limited.

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The world is changing rapidly. Entrepreneurs must learn to adapt to the New Wave of money + business.

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Learn the essential info you need to understand:

  • The Blockchain & Crypto 101
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT and DeFi for beginners
  • How to get started investing + how to avoid scams and FOMO